E-Lites Electronic CigarettesE-lites was founded in 2007, two years after the E-cigarette concept made its debut in Europe. Located in Birmingham, E-lites has built a reputation as a top E-cigarette brand in the UK. Considering that electronic cigarettes were introduced for the first time in 2003, and took two more years before becoming popular in Europe, E-lites is quite frankly a veteran in the field. Its reputation has been solidified by its association with an impressive list of partners including The O2 Arena, Celtic Football Club, Rangers Football Club, Derby Football Club among others. E-lites is one of the most popular E-cigarette brands in the UK, and for good reasons.

E-lites’ Products and their Quality

Over its few years of operation, E-lites has rolled out an attractive range of products for its devoted E-cigarette fans. In addition to various E-cigarette kits, the company also offers themed E-lites accessories such as USB drives and wall chargers. Basically, customers can purchase starter kits, which differ in pricing depending on the desired features such as wall chargers, cartridges and number of batteries. Once you have a starter kit, you can of course get refills once your E-cigarettes start to run out.

Comparatively, E-lites offer you the mix of pricing, quality, flavour, and vapor production you can only hope to get with an E-cigarette brand worth its name. Additionally, the company offers superb customer service and shipping services.

Savings Calculator

Potential customers seeking the thrill of traditional cigarettes would be happy to know that people who have tried out the E-lites brand of E-cigarettes have reported numerous benefits that rival those of traditional cigarettes. For instance, in addition to obvious cost savings and the dramatic reduction in negative health impacts posed by traditional cigarettes, E-lites ecigs have been described as offering the same feel and sensation as real cigarettes. Some say, E-lites electronic cigarettes brand is as close to a traditional smoking experience you can get without puffing the real thing.