Green Smoke

Green Smoke e Cigarettes

Green Smoke is an e-cigarette manufacturing company founded in the USA in 2008 and later opened its doors in the UK. The company prides itself in giving vapers the much deserved and anticipated experience from their e-cigarettes.

Their offices are located in Feltham, Middlesex and can be contacted through telephone, email, as well as walk in during office hours which are quite flexible. Customers in the UK who buy Green Smoke E cigarettes benefit from free shipping which is offered within the UK and Europe. If you are outside this area, one can use the USA link to purchase Green Smoke products.

They have a wide variety of products, the starter kit comes in 3 categories: The Pro Starter Kit for those who understand the product, The Express Kit for those joining the vaping club and the love bird starter kit for two people who want to experience vaping together.

The cartridge refills come in different flavours, absolute tobacco, Menthol Ice, Mocha Mist or Red Label Tobacco. Whatever your flavour, you can find it at Green Smoke. The refill packs also come in different quantities to suit your budget.

Green Smoke eCigs

In a bid to provide customers with the convenience of an e-cig, they have a variety of battery packs to suit any design. The battery packs are customised to work with all their cartridge flavours thus no need to worry about that. Worried that the power might run out while you puff away? Green smoke does provide portable USB chargers that can be used to charge the battery anywhere.

Remember the beauty of an e-cig is the convenience to vape away anywhere you choose. Green Smoke e-cig do not have the annoying tobacco smell thus you can vape away confidently no matter where you are. The Green Smoke leather carry cases are available to help in carrying the e-cigs confidently.

Lastly, their products come with a 1 year limited warranty and 30-day money guarantee on the starter kit.