Intellicig ecigsA World leading Supplier of High Quality E-liquids, Intellicig is a top rated electronic cigarette brand that has been serving the UK and the rest of the world since its launch in 2008.

Covering all bases of electronic cigarette needs, they have everything from disposables to full-on kits suited for the professional e-cigarette smoker!

Part of the CN Creative Group of companies, Intellicig belongs to this bioscience company that’s committed to producing the next generation of quality and eco-friendly nicotine products in the market.

And the greatest thing about them, aside from the top quality ecigs and e-liquids? The Price – all products are offered in an affordable price range for absolutely anyone!

If you want to help the environment, the people around you, and of course yourself, switching to the healthier alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking is best done with Electronic Cigarettes!

Range of Products

Intellicig offers a full selection of quality products that can make your ecig experience truly satisfying! For the beginner ecigarette smoker, they have Disposables for anyone who wants to give it a try for the very first time! For the tobacco smoker who wants to make that healthy switch, their Starter Kit contains all the essentials needed for a quality e-cig experience! For the professional electronic cig smoker, they have everything for you!

Intellicig offers their Refill Capsules that are fully developed and tested in their laboratories in Manchester, England. Using only the highest quality ingredients and adhering to the standards of cGMP, their flavours and nicotine levels give you the purest ECOpure e-liquid products in the market.

To enjoy a more satisfying e-cigarette experience, try Intellicig’s many flavours of e-liquids made of the cleanest, highest quality and purest ingredients in the market!


Where to Get Your Intellicig Electronic Cigarettes

Get your hands on the Intellicig Starter Kit and get 1 battery, 1 vapour device, 1 charger, and 5 refill capsules + 10 FREE!! You’ll struggle to find a better deal than this anywhere else!

Head to the companies official website and place your orders before 3pm today and your items will be shipped in the same day! If you want to return the products for any reason, you can do so by sending it to their returns office at Phoenix Park in Blackburn and their Research and Development facility is located in Manchester.

With a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, Intellicig’s electronic cigarettes are a risk-free investment to your health today!