Jac Vapour

JacVapourJACvapour has been in operation since 2010 with a promise to provide its customers with the simplest and most advanced e-cigs in the vaping market. As the director, Andrew Logan says, the JAC vapour was formed to give a safe alternative to traditional smokers. He too was a smoker now a vaper. They have their registered offices in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Jacvapour ecigarettes come in different varieties and flavours. They have different starter kits to cater for new and experienced vapers which also come in different sleek designs. The V3i kit is most suitable for beginners and experienced vapers who prefer a compact design. The Vgo2 are the size of a cigar offering double the battery capacity of a normal e-cig. The VV kit is much advanced providing more power. The voltage can be increased or decreased to regulate the amount of vapour being produced. The solo starter pack is basic comprising of a battery the size of a traditional cigarette and 2 flavours.

The batteries available are the same as those provided with the kits but can be purchased separately. Cartomizers are also sold separately either pre-filled or blank. Each cartomizer can be refilled up to 10 times! Those who purchase the blank cartomizers can purchase the E-liquid separately as well. The flavours can be mixed to provide a mixed vaping experience as per your liking.


For those who prefer a more advanced design, offering a cleaner taste compared to cartomizers, the tanks provide exactly that. The tanks come in different designs to suit your style. Other accessories available to give one a better vaping experience are battery tips which allow one to customize their battery, the charger, carry case and mouth tips and bungs which need to be checked for compatibility before purchasing.

Unopened packs have a 14 day money back guarantee and customers within the UK get a 42 day guarantee on the batteries.