Neatcigs Ecigarettes Company was formed in April 2011 as the Electronic Cigarettes LTD in Peterborough. A little over a year later, the company had become so good at its service delivery that it had to move to a new facility at Fengate, and currently has its headquarters in Darwen, Lancashire.

Range of Products Offered

Each product may be procured for the first time as a premium starter kit; or later as a refill. The starter kit consists of a clearomiser, a battery and a superfast USB charger. An e-liquid to be used for the first time is purchased separately. Alternatively, one could go for a rechargeable starter kit- which is made up of a rechargeable battery, a built- in atomiser, flavour cartomiser and silicone tips. Neatcigs ecigarettes are only filled with UK- made e-liquid, in order to achieve the highest quality standards.

There is currently a variety of 5 e-liquid flavours available that includes Cherry Sensation, Strawberry Crush and Wild Watermelon along with the more traditional flavours of Classic Tobacco and Cool Menthol.

Quality Assurance

All the ecigarettes are CHIP compliant. Moreover, their flavourings are made in the UK, to food-grade standards. As an additional measure, there is strict batch control; meaning that every product that leaves the manufacturing premises can be traced to the place where it is purchased.