For the last few years more and more smokers of tobacco cigarettes are shifting to electronic cigarettes as they have more health and environmental advantages over regular cigarettes. In the UK, many smokers are embracing Redcig e-cigarettes as they have reduced nicotine levels and are manufactured with different flavours based on customer’s preferences. Some of the flavours available in Redcig cigarettes include coffee, vanilla, cherry, apple, coconut, tobacco bold, tobacco light, tobacco regular and menthol.

About the Redcig company
Planet Global Limited T/A Redcig Company is the manufacturer of Redcig e-cigarettes. The company is located in London, England where it continues to produce electronic cigarettes in the most responsible ways so as to maintain its reputation and customer preference.

What makes them reputable company?

1. Product quality
REDCIG leads the electronic cigarettes industry with testing and quality control protocols that ensure consistent product quality. This is the reason why from time to time they add flavours based on customers’ feedback. This has led to  e-cigarettes that have a nicotine level that ranges from heavy to light depending on the flavour you prefer.

2. Reputation
Based on their technological advancements and a work force that cares for their customers, they have remained a reputable company that produces electronic cigarettes that have a unique taste and feeling.

3. Customer service
They are a legitimate and established company that has an impressive customer support response time. To maintain customer loyalty, they provide the users of their e-cigarettes with a freephone number and a contact email address that facilitate easy communication. The company also accepts customer feedback and responds to them promptly.

4. Regulatory compliance
To maintain product quality, REDCIG adheres to the latest regulatory requirements and highest standards of manufacturing. As a UK based company, all their electronic cigarette products adhere to internationally recognized good manufacturing practices.

RedCig eLiquid Flavours