ROK UniversalROK Universal is a well-known brand courtesy of the company, Smoke With Out Sin Ltd.

They have established their name in the UK and the rest of Europe, it mainly deals with the retailing of high quality electronic cigarettes. The company is based in┬áSt Albans, Hertfordshire but its customer base has also found it’s way in countries like Spain, France and Sweden.

If you are looking for cigarettes that are genuine as well as satisfying, you need not look further. ROK Universal ecigs are the perfect alternative for anyone who is new to vaping or those who are used to smoking conventional cigarettes. The cigarettes come in various designs so that buyers can purchase what appeals to their taste and style.

Not only does the company offer stylish e-cigarettes but they also have a variety of quality e-liquids to choose from.

The good thing about their products is that they cater to the needs of all their customers, paying attention to their vaping needs. Whether you need an e-cigarette that can be refilled or whether you just need a one-time disposable ecig, the company has you covered.

Most e-cigarette ‘smokers’ want to buy products from a company that caters to their individual needs. That is why ROK customers have a wide customer care base to attend to their queries and purchases. The company’s site has customer reviews and feedback which increases the confidence of potential e-cigarette buyers from all over Europe.

ROK eCigs

Not only does the company offer e-cigarette products and excellent customer care services but they also care for the environment by having some recycling schemes which give customers the opportunity to dispose of their e-cigs safely.

Customers also get to earn ROK rewards on the website for purchases they make. When you think of buying e-cigs, think ROK Universal ecigarettes.